No, you will find the Proefkoneen quality mark on all products. A logo that guarantees that no animal tests have been carried out on the components of our products

No, there are no parabens in our products.

As far as possible, our products are composed on a natural basis.
For our part, however, we would like to point to a widespread fable:
The claims made about the percentage of naturalness of a product sometimes have to be taken with a grain of salt.
This has to do with the way in which all shampoos are produced, of which the ingredient water (aqua) sometimes contains up to 98 percent of the total content.
Since water is a natural product, one could claim that on the basis of the above it is 98 percent natural.
This means that it can quickly be called a natural product (by adding only 2% raw materials to the water).

At this moment we only send products from the webshop to customers from the Netherlands. Please contact the distributor for the selling information in your country.